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Above: Ginger's "Hollywood" head shot

Ginger's ANNIE photo album

(Photo of Ginger, 8 months old)NAME:
Gingerfox, mostly called Ginger (name Ginger was given before adoption). Nicknames include G-Pus, Gee, GG, Gingersnap, Gingivitis, Jengibre, Geesus, Geepers, Geepee, Beefpup, Beefy, Beefus, Salchicha, Impingement, Trumpie, Alf, The Lion, Miss Wrrrrrrrrr.

DATE OF BIRTH: Late summer (Specific date unknown) 1994. August 16 is her recognized birthdate. She is definitely a LEO.

Southern Humboldt County (California), according to shelter records. Arrived at Sequoia Humane Society's Animal Shelter in Eureka, Calif. on April 28, 1995. Adopted May 1, 1995. Was listed as 8 mos. old, housebroken. [photo of her at 8 mos. old at left; photo at 2 years old below left]

Airedale Terrier mutt ... Doggie DNA test results confirmed she is Airedale... and also Akita and Australian cattle dog. a Class "AAA" mutt!

WEIGHT: 32 pounds at adoption (8 mos. old), now 73 pounds!

(Ginger, 2 years old)ATTITUDE & TRAINING:
As an 9-month-old puppy, Ginger attended Delilah's Dog Obedience first-level class through the City of Arcata. There she learned the basic commands and to appreciate hotdogs. Just because she learned the commands doesn't mean she feels like obeying them! Ginger has had the classic Terrier-tude: she's a mischievous clown, independent, mouthy, highly intelligent. She makes us laugh EVERY DAY!

She loves people, especially children. Licks most everyone she meets. However, she has been protective and stubbornly dominant. Sociable with most other dogs, with SOME EXCEPTIONS-- other dominant females! Unfortunately she has gotten into some fights! We fully honor all leash laws, for Ginger has been a "problem-child." Fortunately she has gotten along very well with her brother RICO (photo as a puppy at left), who is a fox terrier/beagle/blue heeler/McNab mix.

Ginger loves her cat siblings (Raven, BillyBob and Harley), but will chase away any foreign cats outdoors. She has a large vocabulary and recognized the names of many of her friends, showing her understanding with head cocking (see above animation). Unfortunately, her hearing has faded some in old age, and she sadly doesn't cock her head anymore.





Ginger with Jes and Grace
Grace and Jes and the big baby.


From 1994, until her retirement in 1999, Ginger marched in the UC Davis Picnic Day parade and Ft. Bragg Paul Bunyan parade with the Humboldt State University Marching Lumberjacks. (See photo at bottom of page) She enjoyed the happy crowds of parades and liked applause. She would have preferred to run free among the crowds and beat up various dogs along the way.

Ginger's first doggie housemate was Suzanne's dog Zephyr, an Aussie-Goldie swimming and rock freak, who passed away in 1999. Ginger's first same-age friend was Cinder, a playful Aussie, owned by Julie O. Ginger counts as a major influence the late Snoopy (Cedar) and Shadow and their mom Regina; Tipper the cutest Border Collie (d. 2009) and her mom Terry. Ginger is also very fond of people friends Olivia and of Mama Linda and the "big car," a Chevy Suburban that Ginger thought was built for dogs. Ginger was also quite enamoured with some members of the Marching Lumberjacks. Scott and Gina and Jenn (aka "Snort") were her favorites. But I think Ginger loves Jes most of all.[Ginger's Hollywood photo]

In January 2002, Ginger was walking in Hiller Park in McKinleyville, where she met Sally, a dog who had to be Ginger's sister! Sally was walking with her mom Joanne, who said Sally was also part Airedale. Sally was larger than Ginger, but looked incredibly like her! Sally also came from the Sequoia Humane Society Shelter, but when she was 3 1/2 years old. Joanne adopted her 4 years ago, making Sally the SAME AGE as Ginger! So chances are that Sally was Ginger's littermate.

Ginger's biggest accomplisment was playing "Sandy" in Ferndale Repertory Theatre's production of the musical "ANNIE" in Nov.-Dec. 2002. She enjoyed her experience immensely. She loved the stage, the crowds, the actors and crewpeople so much. She was talked to, petted and given tasty treats often, and really misses everyone at Ferndale Rep. She never got tired of hearing "Tomorrow" sung to her. Please take a look at her ANNIE photo album!

On a more practical side, Ginger had wanted to become a rescue dog, and she hoped to go into the Therapy Dog occupation, but she never could stop her hand and leg licking habit. c(-;

A photo of Ginger as a live Chia pet was featured on NPR correspondent Ketzel Levine's "Talking Plants" blog on Sept. 17, 2007.

(Ginger at the beach) Ginger at Mad River Beach, Arcata, CA


A typical terrier, Ginger has been an avid ground-critter hunter. She has unearthed many moles and gophers. She would walk softly around, eyeing the dirt mounds in the grass, cocking her head as she listened for them underground. She has caught and killed several of these critters. She ate a gopher once and was sick for three days!

Ginger has always loved going to the beach (see photo at left). She used to fetch sticks out of the ocean. She had a bad habit of chasing shorebirds, and once flushed an egret out of a cow pasture (not good).

Another of her obsessions has been her cat siblings. Her first cat friend was Oscar, a tabby manx. Manxes have easy-to-sniff hind ends. After Oscar's passing, Ginger has Raven and BillyBob, who are also manx. And Harley, who has a tail, adores Ginger. All the cats love her and rub against her.

Once Ginger was put in the hospital by a cat. Our late kitty, Lily, whapped her one on the chest, which got horribly infected and swollen. Ginger had to have an operation and wear a t-shirt over the wound for several days.

Ginger enjoys cat food. (What dog wouldn't?)

Ginger has been known to try on costumes, and has experimented with lingerie modeling (see photo below).

Ginger's hair is wiry and can get pretty long, so she was often clipped Schnauzer-style at Doggy Doo Salon in Arcata. Here is a video of Ginger going to the groomer, taken just before her 15th birthday in 2009. This is probably her last visit to the groomers, as she can no longer stand long enough for the duration of the clipping and bathing process.


At left, Lily and Oscar...her old kitty friends now over the Rainbow Bridge.

Right: Raven as a kitten.

[photo of Oscar and Ginger] Oscar gives Ginger a buttsniff for a change!

Ginger really loved her brother. Too much. [photo of Ginger and Oscar]

(Ginger the Band Dog) 
Ginger, the "Band Dog," has marched in several parades with the
Humboldt State University Marching Lumberjacks.

Stage scene with Ginger playing Sandy and Caitlin as Annie. 
Ginger played "Sandy" in the musical ANNIE. "The sun will come out tomorrow!"

(Ginger as lingerie model)
Ginger has been a lingerie model. Lime green is her favorite color.

Ginger as a LIVE CHIA PET!
(it's a mat of ground cover from the garden!)

(Photo of Ginger and Polly) Ginger with her good friend Polly.


(Ginger at camp)

This is Ginger, banished into a corner at camp, after a fight with Bonnie
("Monster") (d. 2009), a kelpie-mix, owned by Jes' family.
Ginger and Bonnie never did see eye-to-eye, just tooth-for-tooth....

Ginger with Gracie.


Ginger Gnaws a Pig's Ear